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Cama Circle is up

After months of work on Cama Circle website, it is now complete. They have been our partners in designing a few of our previous websites. They are experts in architecture and graphic design. See how they have designed their own website.

Who we are

w3develop team founded by Pooyan Adibi and Hamed Pourabedin is formed in 2012 by a group of graduates skilled at web, programming, and design. We can help companies run their own online system compatible to their besiness needs. We believe in efficiency and accuracy of the operations an online system is supposed to do, and an appealing and eye-cathing design beside a simple and straightforward user intrface so that users can find information they are looking for with the least effort.

Our main service has been concentrated on developing a web application for architecture companies in which they can introduce their activities and benefit from an exclusive front-end interface design, customized for their company based on their corporate identity i.e. their logo, their title, and the official colors and patterns used in their works. We have named this web application an Architecture Activity Management System (AAMS). Also, we have been working on applications concerned with tourism, booking, and clinic management systems.

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